Product Code: 4517
Condition: Excellent
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An antique French figural lady swing lock scale folder with pinned lock and pivoting blade. Carbon steel body shaped in a female outline, fitted with a pair of polished creamy bone panels and steel bolsters. The knife has two frame plates held in registering parallelism by a spacer pinned in position. Opening is accomplished by pulling and rotating the steel bolster which releases the locking pin and allows one side of the handle and the blade to rotate down then forward until the blade locks in the forward position. The one side of the handle continues to rotate back until it locks in place. Closing requires the same rotation to release the locking pin, then the one side of the handle is rotated back and around, catching the blade and aligning both with the other side of the handle in a locked closed position. Blade opens and closes very smoothly. The nail mark is on the reverse side of the blade indicating a lefthander use. Scales are very nice bone with a creamy and caramel colour. 11,5 cm folded and 20 cm when fully extended. PRICE UPON REQUEST