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Condition: Excellent
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This type of knife was specially designed to be used for heavy outside works. The accessories include corkscrew, punch, awl, screw driver, hook, spare point main blade, for a total of 7 tools plus pull out tweezers, toothpick scissors and a two scales folding ruler. Additionally it has a large hoof cleaner scraper folding onto the top of the handles which has been provided with a hole to let the unlocking pump pass through it. Marked *Brookes & Crookes Sheffield* with a the famous bell trademark. Brookes & Crookes was never amongst the largest cutlery factories in Sheffield - in the late 19th century, the number of hands was not much more than 150 - but what Brookes & Crookes lacked in size, it made up for in quality, with its "Bell" trademark soon becoming a badge of excellence. In Business from 1858 to 1947.From the tang stamp I’d date the knife from the late 19th. Century. Main blade is back locked and features a pump to release it from the locked open position. The knife features ivory scales with a nice creamy patina over brass liners. The two inner liners have been nicely hand filed. Front scale with a nickel silver plate with the owners name * F. Ahlnander *.The knife remains in wonderful conditions, all blades and tools are in full profile, blades close firmly with a snap and all tools work properly. No chips, cracks or damage to the scales. This massive folder measures 14,5 cm long when folded and 25 cm when main blade is out. PRICE UPON REQUEST