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Of the many appellations by which the Navaja is known, the two most familiar to all the Spaniards are the Albacete and the Sevillana. The Alabacete are much more common but not the so called NAVAJA DE ESPEJILLOS, which are characterized by tiny mirrors set into circles bored into the handles This huge exemplar dates around the mid of 19th century and measures 45 cm folded and 86 cm when fully extended. It features a long ,wide and pointy carbon steel blade which features a window locking mechanism with four ratchets cut out at the blades’ tang. Each ratchet is audibly engaged by the clasp’s spring catch as the dagger is being opened. More importantly, the ratchets are also engaged when the knife is being closed, preventing the razor-sharp edge from snapping down on the fingers. When the dagger is quickly pulled open, the ratchets scrape past the spring catch in rapid sequence. The resulting sound is known as Carraca. Handles scales are made of alternate brass and bone plates. Brass plates have been pierced with heart decorations while bone plates are set with tiny mirrors. The condition is excellent, blade in full profile and still razor sharp. No damage to note to the handles. All mirrors are intact with no cracks. PRICE UPON REQUEST