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The Congress knife arrived on the scene in the early 1800s. Most likely the name Congress refers to the way the way the blades of the knife come together (as in the equal numbers of blades are located on both ends of the knife and then come together or meet in the middle of the handle). It is characterized by its curved body and double blades on each end. This wonderful exemplar of Congress knife features a sheep foot blade, a cut-off pen blade, a spare point blade and a pen blade. The typical curved handles are made of outstanding mother of pearls scales over brass liners with engraved brass long bolsters. Blade bears on the ricasso the Sheffield maker's mark and the main blade bears the mark of *E. Peter* the very well renowned Parisian cutlery shop. The PETER name symbolizes quality and refinement in the field of cutlery art. Jean Frédéric PETER installed his cutlery in 1785. He gave birth to a long line of Master cutlers, whose reputation is today International. Gustave Emile PETER in 1887 decided to move to Paris to settle there. The Peter shop in Rue Flechier soon became the place to address to buy elegant, Precious and exquisite knives, scissors, cutlery tools, etc. The knife seems to have never been used, the blades haven't loose anything of the original shape being in full profile and still lock up with a firm snap. Razor sharp and with no pitting. It measures 8,7 cm when folded. PRICE UPON REQUEST