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Product Code: 4475
Condition: Near mint
Price: € 0,00

These wonderfully ornate steel sewing scissors form an unusual *Z* like shape with the bows that form a right angle with the handle. These kind of scissors were mainly used to cut threads. They have fancy pierced bows and handles with a design of scrolling leaves and flower. They are Italian and date to the first half of the 19th cent. The blades have the maker initial *S* with a crown on both sides. It is the mark of Scipione Santangelo. He was one of Italians leading cutlers from the first half of 19th. Completely handmade and filed and the handwork and engraving on both sides is beautifully done. They have sharp, intact points and cut like new right to the tips. The condition is absolutely amazing with no damage and they still have their original polished steel surface. 11,5 cm long. PRICE UPON REQUEST