Product Code: 4468
Condition: Good
Price: € 385,00

This unusual and rare French knife is known as *the thief's knife* due to the special accessories it is provided. The knife indeed features a toothed glass cutting wheel at the butt and a special lighting system comped by a a round cotton wick and its removable holder. It was enough to dip the round cotton wick in oil before lighting it in its appropriate holder and fix it into the hole built into the scales to have a firm lamp. The knife has a main clip point blade stamped * Couteau Lampe depose* and a secondary blade. Handles are made of tin with a central horn inlay. 10 cm long when folded and 17,5 in fully extended position. The conditions are good aconsidering age and type. Main blade has been sharpened a little bit but is still in full length. Both blades spans firmly. Some pitting to the carbon steel parts.