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*Louvetier*. Gentleman ring pull released folding hunting dagger. Chatellerault, France mid 19th This French gentleman folding, termed *Louvetier* is a wonderful example of the Chatellearult Cutlery. The first charter of cutlery dates from May 1771 shows the existence of 50 master cutlers which signifies that the cutlery industry existed already since a long time. The manufacture at that time was of swords, large daggers, epees etc. From medieval times to the early 20th century, and particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries Chatellerault was a centre of knife-making. The industry ranged from large well regarded establishments such as Pagé frères to much humbler and smaller scale cottage manufactories. Chatellerault was famous for its Arms factory and the folding cutlery industry. When they were short of work the gunsmith workers used to look for some in the cutlery factories, and it also worked the other way round. This explains the fact that the production of the pieces made in Châtellerault were very much turned to an hunting style. This ivory handled dagger was surely created for hunting purposes but should either be used as an excellent self-defence knife. Blade is straight, double edged and spare pointed. A silver (or nickel silver) bolster and pommel are relief stamped with decorative motif giving a particular elegance to the assembly. The front bolster with double guard. The blade has a clasp locking system to avoid accidental closing of the keen edged blade and features a ring to pull to release it once opened. The dagger is finished with a beautiful ivory grip masterfully carved in relief with longitudinal stripes. Brass liners. 24 cm long when folded and 43 cm long when fully extended. Some overall pitting to the carbon steel parts due to time. The knife locks very firmly when open with no wobble and the back spring is strong. No chips or cracks to the antique ivory scales. PRICE UPON REQUEST