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This beautiful French defense Folder, commonly referred to as *Dague de Chatellerault à crosse*, dates to the mid 19th Century. Mounted a with a sturdy 18,5 cm long yatagan type blade, it is topped with a wonderful genuine stag slabs handle which are over steel liners. Bolsters are solid steel and the butt cup has a curved shape (à crosse). The blade is lock back released with a central lever that acts as a pump to release the blade once opened. Marked transversally *KRUMERIER PRESZBURG*. (vould be owner or retailer). Preszburg is the ancient German name of the Slovakian metropolis today known as Bratislava. Blade shows signs of sharpening on the edge, as it is supposed to be but it looks to be almost in full profile. locks up tightly with no wobble at all. Some pitting and staining on the steel parts due to time. Handles are perfect wit a wonderful old patina. It measures 22 cm when folded and 41 cm when fully extended. PRICE UPON REQUEST