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Product Code: 4444
Condition: Near mint
Price: € 0,00

This matching set of three pairs of ornate steel filigree scissors is in a fitted velvet lined leather case. The three matching scissors are tapering in sizes, from the small embroidery scissors to the largest sewing one. They have fancy pierced bows and handles with a design of scrolling leaves ,flowers and birds that incorporates owner’s initials *CHM* in nice Italic letters. They are completely hand made and filed and the handwork and engraving on both sides is beautifully done. They are Italian from the famous steel making Campobasso region and made a special order for a Florentine Shop. The smallest scissors is stamped *Firenze Italia* while the other two are stamped *E Bercigli/ Archibusieri 8* and *Made in Italia*. Scissors have sharp, intact points and cut like new right to the tips. The condition is absolutely amazing with no damage and they still have their original polished steel surface. They measure 4 1/4”, 5 7/16”, and 6 1/8” long and are cased in their original velvet lined gilt embossed leather case cantered by a Florentine Lily. PRICE UPON REQUEST