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Rare Italian folding knife with a forged steel blade and wood handle from the Alto-Adige region in the North East of Italy. Knives from the Alpine area are very rare and sought after. The richness and accuracy of the workmanship generate really unique specimens. Each knife is unique and different from the others even if most of the Alto Atesini knives feature characteristic engravings. The curved handle of this fine exemplar are well crafted with ornate embellishments that give the knife a decorative flair. The handle is made from a tip horn inlaid with small silver figural plaques. The knife has a locking mechanism or back-spring . The knife measures approximately 4 ½” long when closed, 7 ¾” when open. It is in fairly good condition with normal wear from use and age. The blade and other metal components have a nice patina with some overall pitting. It has been sharpened and , as a result, is a little bit down in shape. SALE PENDING