Product Code: 4441
Condition: Near mint
Price: € 375,00

A barlow style knife has one or two blades, a huge metal bolster, and a comfortable tear-drop shaped handle. The blade or blades are attached at the small end of the handle. The first barlow knife was made in Sheffield England in the 1600s. This is a wonderful exemplar of an early barlow knife with genuine ivory grips, sheepfoot silver main blade and secondary pen blade. The silver sheepfoot blade bears the duty mark of king George III used between 1786 and 1821 and the rampant lion hallmark for sterling silver.925. The pen blade is tang marked *SMITH*. The knife seems to have never been used, the blades have not lose anything of the original shape being in full profile and still lock up with a firm snap. Scales are wonderfully preserved antique ivory with a central escutcheon for initials. No damage to note. The knife comes in velvet an satin lined push button presentation case. 7cm long when folded. SALE PENDING