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The folding knives of the XVIIIth century were totally symbolic of the intellectual, cultural and artistic seething which reigned in France throughout this century. The Friends knife is one of the most beautiful jewels of that period. Fashionable under Louis XV, this luxury knife followed the aristocrats and the nobility people in their trips. Combining two knives in one thanks to a shrewd system of tenons and slides, the Friends knife allowed his owner to offer one half to one chosen person for the time of a meal. This stunning exemplar is the exact replica of the original. Handle fashioned with two plates of genuine tortoise shell over gold foil, with silver strips and the ends are finished with nickel silver caps. It is 11,2 cm long folded and each blade is 9,8 cm long. Both blades snaps properly and firmly and are both stamped with the same matching mark *Graveline*. No cracks or chips to the handles. Mint condition. The knife comes in its original Graveline presentation case and leather pouch plus both a certificate of Guarantee and Origin. The knife is numbered *069*. PRICE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST