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Condition: Excellent
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Exceptional rare combined folding knife and wax seal stamp dating to the very early 18th century. 8 cm long forged carbon steel blade featuring a twist iron lock ring for locking the blade and ensure safety during carrying. Rounded cast iron handle forged in a unique hollow solid piece that houses the blade when folded. Iron has been finely chased with checkered, twisted and geometrical decorative patterns. The base with an applied silver lacquer seal plaque engraved with a shield parted quarterly. Quartering in is a method of joining several different coats of arms together in one shield by dividing the shield into equal parts and placing different coats of arms in each division. The conditions is excellent mainly considering age and time . Blade look in full profile with normal pitting as expected, the twist safety system works as it should and the handles are solid with no dents. The engravings on the seal base are still well defined. 17,5 cm long in fully extended position and 9,5 when folded. PRICE UPON REQUEST