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Product Code: 4411
Condition: Excellent
Price: € 0,00

These fabulous embroidery scissors are from France and dated to the mid-late 18th century. Louis XV era. The handles and blades are solid chased wrought iron with gold overlays. The gold foils used for the overlay have been nicely engraved with floral pattern decorations and has two gold tones. The condition is wonderful mainly considering their age. The blades are tight with sharp intact points and they still cut well to the tips. A hallmark is stamped on both loops but its too tiny to figure it out. The scissors are stamped with the *pairing marks* on the interior of each of the blades . Unlike the less ancient scissors in which the pairing mark is a number, these nice pair bear a figure of a man holding a stick. The pairing mark indicates that the two blades have been perfectly adjusted to form a pair. it is an important detail to judge the quality of a pair of scissors. Their age, quality and condition make them a wonderful piece. 9,5 cm long. PRICE UPON REQUEST