Product Code: 4406
Condition: Excellent
Price: € 285,00

The six-piece Boker Camp Knife has been manufactured by hand since 1869 in the Solingen-based Manufactory. The concept, copied many times in the course of history, combines numerous useful tools in a high-quality Pocketknife. It offers two blades ( a spare shaped main blade and a clip shaped secondary one), a can opener, a cap lifter, a leather punch and reamer, a cork screw and a flathead screwdriver. This is one of the older model with its older style tin opener. Etching on the main blade in a circular pattern the word BOKER. TREE BRAND. ARBOLITO with a BOKER Tree Logo in the middle of the etched pattern over 182 The tang stamps on the two blades read *Heinr Boker & Co. Baumwerk-Solingen Germany-Alemania* (With Umlant above the O on Boker, as seen in the pictures) Both blades have the tree on back tang. The bolsters are nickel silver with brown jigged horn handles and attached to the one handle is a coin nickel silver shield, emblazoned with the famous BOKER Tree logo over SOLINGEN. Attached on one end of the bolster (main blade side) is a shackle. Knife measures 9 cm when closed. This knife is in good condition with normal stains and scratches on the blades do to time. The blades seems to me to be in full profile and still lock up tight.