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The C. Lutters & Co., Lowenwerk was founded in 1840 by Carl Lütters, registered 28th May 1862. Located Solingen, Bismarckstrasse 3-7. Known for the stamp of a couchant lion, the company is still in business but changed his trademark during the years. In 1921 the do added Lowen Messer beside the lion figure. According the stamp on this folder we can argue that it was made prior 1921. Steel handled lock back swinguard folding knife with single edge blade. Approx. 23,5 cm in fully extended position and 12,7 cm when folded. The knife features a swing guard which automatically extend to its position while opening and a pump to unlock the blade from the locked back position. The hilt with black horn plates inlayed with decorative patterns. The blade with the couchant lion etched transversally and tang stamped * C. Lütters & Co Warranted Quality*. It has been lightly sharpened and shows patches and light pitting but remains in overall excellent conditions, still locks firmly in the locked position. No serious damage to note. PRICE UPON REQUEST